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Expertise on every level

From beginning to end

Tradition and Progress

Here at the cooperative we have the expertise to master every stage of the process. In the vineyards thanks to our member winegrowers and the ongoing support they receive and then further downstream with the high tech, high performance machinery at their disposal and our collaboration with reputable companies and organisations.

The cooperative

at a glance

Vast pressing capacity:

  • 3 membrane presses (12,000 kg each),
  • 2 membrane presses (8,000 kg each)
  • 2 hydraulic presses (one 8,000 kg and one 4,000 kg)
  • 5,000 hl of racking tanks.
  • 15,000 hl of vinification tanks.
  • Two 4,000 kg presses to handle batches from parcels selected for their specific qualities.

  • 09 Presses
  • 72K Kg
  • 45 Tanks
  • 15K Ha
  • 600 sq. metres

The art of blending

A key Champagne concept

Blending is very important in Champagne because it gives the wines their individual characteristics. The perfect balance is achieved by blending wines, grape varieties and vintages.

The Coteaux du Landion cooperative produces the still wines which are then blended by our cellarmaster together with the cellarmasters of two of our major partner organisations (the Union Auboise-Champagne Devaux and the Centre Vinicole-Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte).

Here again collaboration is key so it was vital that we worked with partners who share our values.

After blending and the second fermentation, the bottles are aged for several years at our partners’ cellars

Exceptional places

for truly individual champagnes

Here at the cooperative we also have small tanks for making niche cuvées, such as a 100% Pinot Noir Champagne from the Coteaux du Landion or the parcel-specific cuvées we have planned for the years to come…

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