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Notre priorité, c'est votre sécurité et celle de notre équipe et des intervenants externes. Pour vous, pour eux, pour nous, nous avons étendu nos mesures de précaution contre le COVID-19 selon les consignes gouvernementales.

The Vineyards

Respect for the land

To preserve

the richness of the soil

…and perpetuate this unique heritage, the Landion cooperative members use sustainable and integrated methods in their vineyards. There are technical experts on hand to guide them and offer sustainable viticulture advice.

In 2001 the cooperative embarked on a vineyard quality initiative for the whole viticulture process. It is applied at every stage, from planting to harvesting, to ensure that all vineyard work is carried out with the utmost respect for the environment.

Alongside this, our members are working to constantly improve their practices with a view to achieving VDC (sustainable viticulture in Champagne) certification. There are 125 measures involved, covering all viticulture practices and the organisation of their operation.

Grapes grown

on Kimmeridgian soil

Pinot Noir – one of the three iconic Champagne grape varieties – flourishes in the marly Kimmeridgian limestone subsoil which gives them their incomparable expression.

The resulting wines generally have a unique red fruit aroma and marked structure. Blackberry and pear are both typical of a Coteaux du Landion wine.

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