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Notre priorité, c'est votre sécurité et celle de notre équipe et des intervenants externes. Pour vous, pour eux, pour nous, nous avons étendu nos mesures de précaution contre le COVID-19 selon les consignes gouvernementales.

The cooperative

a truly unique economic model.

Unusual courses

and sometimes unexpected

Some of our members have interesting backgrounds. For example, one of the cooperative’s former presidents was once a glass blower at the Cristallerie Royale de Champagne and one of our young members is also a Compagnon du Devoir and cooper. … They are always happy to share their knowledge and experience with the other members.

Strength in numbers

A major benefit

The main advantage of a cooperative is the pooling of production resources. Our 80 members have access to first-class, state-of-the art machinery which individually they would not be able to own. With a 14,500 hl capacity the cooperative can vinify significant volumes but it also has small tanks which enable the winegrowers to select the grapes from a specific parcels to make a special cuvée.

This is one of our strengths. We can handle high bulk volumes and also respect the excellence and identity of individual winegrowers. We are always there for our members and constantly strive to offer them solutions tailored to their requirements.

The continued popularity of the cooperative model speaks for itself. The younger generations know that it works so they carry on the work begun by their elders, investing in the cooperative and contributing to its progress.

However the cooperative offers much more than access to shared machinery. It brings together generations, personalities, ideas and know-how in a model which benefits greatly from its diversity.

The cooperative

Innovation and transmission: a human adventure

One big family

This feeling of belonging –to a group, a close-knit community, a family – is passed down from generation to generation.

Far from being divisive, the Coteaux du Landion cooperative has a natural gift for rallying its members, just like Gaston Cheq did in his time.
The family feel is not restricted to its winegrower members. It can also be found in the team of 10 employees, each with their own profile and complementary skills.


With great pride and a twinkle in their eye, the oldest members talk about how the cooperative was created and has stood the test of time. They also listen attentively as the younger members explain their plans for the future and how they wish to pursue and progress this beautiful adventure together. The members are true ambassadors of the cooperative, proud of its equipment and model.

Not all about work

All our members get on well together. The building is a place for grape pressing, vinification, technical meetings and sales but also brings the members together and hosts family events and parties.

Sharing modern machinery but also experience among generations of winegrowers


Loyalty We boast generation after generation of loyal winegrower members but also have a devoted management team. Indeed, the same president served from 1984 to 2009.

Striving for progress

Each and every generation shares the same enthusiasm and ambition to take the cooperative, its brand and its Champagnes to the very top and to endorse our unique terroir, sense of sharing and very special moments.

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